1. metro-jack:


    Metro-Jack 149 is up on SmackJeeves!! 


    reblogging again since it was originally posted at such a weird hour

  2. Metro-Jack 149 is up on SmackJeeves!! http://metro-jack.smackjeeves.com/comics/1934334/metro-jack-149/

  3. ziskaism:

    Brunch with Meam and Steph! So much fun! #graveimpressions #metrojack

    Had an amazing lunch with the Grave Impressions Gals on my trip to Savannah! 

  4. Casually updates in the middle of the night….

    are we earning that M rating now?

    New Metro-Jack up on Smackjeeves, not exactly safe for work. 


  5. meam:


  6. First Panel of the next page, Jogging Time Noah, and Sad Noah’s in the cold 

    Since I’m so slow at drawing these next few pages have some sketches! <3 


  7. Metro-Jack Progress and Travel

    Hi Darlings! 

    I am back from Boston safe and sound and with a new roommate and tons of reference shots to show for it! I’ll try to share some of the pics tonight! 

    Still hoping to manage a weekend double update but we will see, I wasn’t able to get much work done on the comic on my trip, but I did get some cute sketches out of it! 

    I’ve also got to travel again next weekend to attend SCAD’s Editors day, I am super nervous but for the first time ever I actually have a good amount of comic pages I am pretty proud of! 

  8. meam:

    Stupid doodles about metrojacks taking the T in Boston

    Also some notes about BC tuition


  9. Metrojack references

    Got so many Metro-Jack refs today aw yeah! I’ll share some when I get back from Boston since they are mostly on my camera and not the phone


  10. metro-jack:


    I’ve got some of the rough sketches done for the next two pages, I am not sure if there will be an update before I leave for Boston on Wednesday or not, it depends on what I get done tonight really, I will let you know.

    BUT you guys are gonna love what I’m…


    Oookay so getting ready for my trip basically is taking over my days, so lets work towards double update towards the middle or end of next week! Sorry darlings, so many last minute errands, and things to prepare for the petsitters as well D: